New release of logiccloud available

Release 1.1.17 brings many innovations, improvements and bug fixes.

logiccloud Control Edge

logiccloud Control Edge is now available and you can create and conveniently deploy virtual controllers for your edge devices. Currently, all devices with Docker and ARMv7 and ARMv8 chips are supported. You can now implement control tasks both in the cloud and on your edge devices.

Remote debugging without VPN

Debug your control programmes on the edge devices or in the cloud without a VPN connection with the new logiccloud debugging function. You can start this from the engineering portal and immediately see all live values of the controllers. If required, you can record them and observe the changes over time.

On the Fly Syntax Checking

In the development environment, you see syntax errors in the code immediately as you type, with indication of the line and position. This immediately alerts you to missing characters or incorrect syntax.

Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP is available to you as a powerful interface with a user-friendly interface. You can now parameterise and use it in your runtime settings.

Shortcuts and free arrangement of windows

In the development environment, you can now programme and create your projects even more easily and quickly. We have introduced shortcuts and the possibility to arrange several windows next to each other. This allows you to design your development interface according to your needs and work even more efficiently with the help of the shortcuts.

Other new features:

  • You can now create and use multiple HMI pages including navigation in your projects. You can also duplicate them as usual in other resolutions to create responsive web HMIs very quickly.
  • We have graphically redesigned the HMI components and added new ones. So you can create professional, responsive HMIs without being a designer or web developer.
  • The test function for mapping MQTT payloads makes it easy to include payloads of any structure and depth.

All changes and bug fixes can be found in our documentation.

Composed 15.05.2023

Michael Böhrer

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