Fully Managed PLC-as-a-Service

Fully managed, powerful and elastic PLC-as-a-Service

With logiccloud 365, you move control functions to highly available, elastically scalable Kubernetes clusters managed by logiccloud. Depending on the task, you can expand your existing PLC controllers or your logiccloud Control with higher-level control functions and with logiccloud HMI with real cloud visualisation functions.

Examples include power generation plants, flood protection, pumping stations and pipeline monitoring – ultimately all geographically distributed machines.

In logiccloud 365, all the functions of logiccloud Control and logiccloud HMI are available to you without restriction. With just a few mouse clicks, you start a logiccloud cluster service with your control program and visualisation and select the optimum performance for your use case.

Advantages of logiccloud 365

  • Fully managed, powerful and elastic PLC-as-a-Service.
  • Memory and computing power are automatically adapted to your workloads
  • No infrastructure management overhead
  • Easy connection of remote devices via MQTT and Sparkplug B
  • Higher-level control functions
  • Programming in IEC 61 131 – 3 with logiccloud Engineering Portal
  • Pay-per-use: only pay for resources that you consume

logiccloud 365 Services

logiccloud 365 is much more than just a controller in the cloud:

logiccloud 365 was developed as a cloud-native, multi-tenant and elastically scaling platform. Each service scales independently based on the workload and requirements. This all happens automatically in the background without user intervention.

logiccloud 365 is operated by the experts and developers of logiccloud. They ensure that the logiccloud cloud service is available when you need it. It is secure and hardened with the latest security features and patches. Optimised for elastic scalability, logiccloud Cloud Cluster automatically rebalances itself over and over again. logiccloud Cloud handles all the complexity of running a controller in the cloud.

The dedicated team at logiccloud supports you with all your logiccloud 365 questions. With flexible support pricing and options, you can choose from email and forum-based support to a direct point of contact to help you get the most out of logiccloud 365 for your business.

logiccloud Cloud is designed to run in any cloud – Microsoft Azure, StackIT, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP).

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