logiccloud platform in your own infrastructure

Host the entire logiccloud platform in your own infrastructure – whether in the cloud or in your own data centre.

logiccloud platform in your own infrastructure

Individual price and billing model

Freely configurable dashboards

logiccloud Control in freely selectable performance classes

API for integration into other applications

White-Label Version

logiccloud Features

logiccloud Engineering

Completely web-based in the browser, no software installation necessary

  • Editor with direct syntax check for programming in IEC61131-3 programming language
  • With user, team and role management, access rights can be assigned very individually
  • The extensive standard libraries can be extended with own libraries

logiccloud HMI

Completely web-based in the browser, no software installation necessary.

  • logiccloud HMI is a 100% web visualisation and extends logiccloud Control with a modern HMI
  • With the logiccloud HMI Designer, user interfaces are created in HTML5 with Responsive Design by drag & drop
  • The extensive graphics library enables very sophisticated and modern visualisations


logiccloud offers you a wide variety of interfaces for data connection

  • Sensors and actuators are connected via interfaces such as OPC UA, IO-Link, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Modbus and many more.
  • Interfaces such as MQTT with Sparkplug B, OPC Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ and Kafka are available for communication with Industry 4.0 applications.

In your own IT infrastructure

The logiccloud Enterprise Subscription turns any logiccloud controller into a production-ready cluster

logiccloud Enterprise is the solution for running the logiccloud platform on your own infrastructure. The subscription, which is calculated on the basis of the respective workload, transforms every logiccloud controller into a fail-safe, production-ready cluster.

Advantages of logiccloud Enterprise

  • Customised setup for scalability, performance and availability
  • Customise security settings to meet corporate policies
  • Includes APIs, client libraries, integrations for custom app development

logiccloud Enterprise Features

logiccloud Enterprise includes closed-source functions that you can use on your infrastructure – local, private cloud, public cloud or edge.

logiccloud Enterprise includes a clustered version of the logiccloud runtime. Clustering enables load balancing across nodes and provides the technical infrastructure to access your metrics and events. This is used to support availability SLAs.

Clustering can also be used to distribute compute power across multiple servers and thus increase the scalability of the entire system. The number of nodes can be easily expanded.

Role-based access control restricts or allows certain users or user groups to perform certain tasks. The desired security profile can be assigned by role, making it easy for administrators to grant and remove access.

logiccloud Enterprise supports LDAP and OAuth, an open standard for token-based authentication and authorisation. With this feature, you can use any enterprise OAuth provider.

logiccloud Enterprise can be accessed via a robust API. This API is present in logiccloud Enterprise, logiccloud Edge and logiccloud Cloud, so you can write code only once and use it with logiccloud Enterprise, logiccloud Edge and logiccloud Cloud.

A logiccloud Enterprise subscription connects you to a knowledgeable team of software experts who have extensive experience operating all components of the software, including support for the entire logiccloud platform and lifecycle – from development to proof-of-concept to QA/test to production and deployment.

logiccloud Enterprise fits any infrastructure strategy. It is written entirely in Node.js and is distributed as binaries. This allows the software to be installed and deployed in almost any infrastructure, be it on-premise, in a private cloud (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, StackIT), a public cloud or virtual private cloud.

logiccloud Enterprise is available as an annual subscription based on the total number of server nodes and cores per node required to run your workload. For more information on pricing, please contact our sales department.

logiccloud Insights continuously sends important information about logiccloud health metrics from logiccloud Enterprise to the cloud-based logiccloud Operations Center, where this information is then analysed by logiccloud Support, significantly reducing diagnostic support efforts and resolution times.

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