Virtual PLC for all platforms

logiccloud Control is a scalable, virtual controller that allows you to combine the control tasks of a classic, hardware-bound PLC and easily implement the challenges of the Internet of Things.

logiccloud Control has a very small footprint and is optimised for use directly on edge controllers, gateways, routers and in data centres and cloud environments. The available hardware resources can be individually assigned to logiccloud Control, depending on the task. A very efficient use of the available hardware is guaranteed and cycle times of less than 5ms can be achieved.

logiccloud Control can be extended via apps and adapted to the respective use case. A variety of interfaces (NodeRed, influxdb, Grafana, etc.) are already available, and custom apps can be integrated into logiccloud via an API.

A very important feature of logicloud Control is the Communication Engine, which manages the data exchange with both the field devices and the higher-level systems. Changes to the communication do not automatically lead to adjustments to the PLC program. Data exchange with other systems takes place with interfaces such as OPC Pub/Sub, OPC UA, MQTT, MQTT with Sparkplug B, RabbitMQ and Kafka. MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, IO-Link, Single Pair Ethernet and many more are available for controlling the I/O level.

Via the logiccloud engineering portal, the programme is created directly in the browser in the cloud. All other tasks such as deployment, debugging, monitoring and the administration of all logiccloud Control instances are also completed with a few mouse clicks in the logiccloud portal. This leads to enormous cost savings during commissioning and subsequent operation of the systems.

logiccloud products


Docker containers with logiccloud Control

Licensing per container

Gradation according to the number of inputs and outputs

Optional: logiccloud HMI

Download / Update über logiccloud Engineering

Communication secured via certificates

Basic Monitoring


Fully managed cloud native application

Elastic scaling with changes in the workload

Usage-based pricing and billing model

logiccloud Control in different performance classes

Communication secured via certificates

Basic Monitoring

API for integration into other applications

Optional: HMI user


logiccloud platform in your own infrastructure

All the functions of Edge and Cloud

Individual price and billing model

Freely configurable dashboards

logiccloud Control in freely selectable performance classes

Communication secured via certificates

API for integration into other applications

White-Label Version

One virtual controller for all platforms
Choose the right version for your use case


logiccloud Control as a virtual controller in a container for local operation on the machine or plant. Together with logiccloud HMI, a powerful automation solution is created. Deployment takes place with just a few mouse clicks.


Operate the logiccloud platform on your own IT infrastructure. Use the extended functions for security. Create optimal integration with customised extensions.


Fully managed by logiccloud.
With logiccloud 365, you focus on your application and not on managing Kubernetes clusters. Together with logiccloud Control, you can create end-to-end IIoT automation solutions.

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