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logiccloud Engineering

Create your control programmes in IEC 61 131-3 comfortably in the browser and without installing proprietary software. Work in a team on different tasks and regulate access rights with the role-based user and rights management. Project management and source code management ensure that all changes and versions are saved and can be retrieved at any time.

logiccloud HMI

Design attractive HTML 5 visualisations via drag & drop and link the graphic elements easily with the variables from the control programme. It doesn’t matter whether you use logiccloud HMI together with the virtual controller logiccloud Control or in the SaaS environment with logiccloud PLC as a Service.

logiccloud Control

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create logiccloud Control from a control programme, a virtual controller that you can run on any device with Docker support or as a highly scalable PLC as a Service in logiccloud CaaS.

logiccloud Control as a Service

Within seconds, your logiccloud control runs in our fully managed environment and is available to you as a fully functional PLC as a service with a visualisation.

logiccloud Monitoring

Keep an eye on all your logiccloud Control instances and be informed of anomalies or irregularities by email or SMS. Deploy programme changes to all monitored logiccloud Control instances with just a few clicks.

logiccloud OEM

You can install logiccloud OEM in your own IT infrastructure, private or public cloud, but also directly at your customers’ locations. Via the fully documented API, logiccloud OEM can be optimally integrated into your digitisation strategy.

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We answer your questions and look together how logiccloud can map your use cases and we create the greatest added value for your company.