logiccloud - The future of PLC technology

Experience the next generation of programmable logic controllers with logiccloud. Our PLC complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard and is specially developed for virtual environments. The logiccloud runtime has an extremely small footprint and runs without customisation on edge controllers, routers and gateways and in cloud environments Advantages of logiccloud:
  • Platform independence: supports ARM7, ARM8, X86-64, AMD64 hardware as well as Kubernetes, Docker, LXC, Podman and Snap.
  • HTML5 visualisation: Automatic adaptation to the resolution of the display device – no proprietary operating terminals required.
  • Secure transmission: PLC programmes and the corresponding runtime version are transmitted TLS-secured – no expensive VPN solutions required.
  • Interfaces: Numerous interfaces such as OPC UA client/server, Modbus RTU/TCP, CtrlX Datalayer, Node-RED, influxdb, MQTT, Sparkplug and OPC PubSub.

Use logiccloud...

...in the cloud

logiccloud 365 is a fully managed, powerful and fail-safe PLC-as-a-Service. You only pay for the resources you use.

...in Factory Edge und Cloud Edge

logiccloud Enterprise consists of the logiccloud portal and the logiccloud PLC runtime environment for Factory Edge / Cloud Edge installations.

...on the Edge device

logiccloud Control runs as a containerised PLC on edge controllers, gateways and routers.

Rethinking automation

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