logiccloud HMI

Fully web-based HMI editor for appealing, modern and HTML5 visualisations.

100% web technologies

No installation of proprietary software required.

HTML5 visualizations

Create engaging HTML5 visualizations

Free positioning

All widgets can be positioned freely on the artboard without being bound to grids or the like.

Predefined widgets

Access a set of predefined widgets for your visualizations.

Drag & Drop

Conveniently drag and drop the widgets onto the artboard and place them.

Cloud HMI

In conjunction with Cloud Runtime, you can access the HMI from anywhere and with any browser.

Edge HMI

Available on the edge device and over the respective local network.

User permissions

HMI accesses can be controlled granularly for all users accordingly. HMI-only users are also available.


the HMIs scale comfortably with your projects and the runtimes without you having to worry about the infrastructure.

No software installation

All design and configuration takes place in the browser without the need to install local software.

Data is available in real time

Process data in the HMIs is available in real time because the HMIs are closely linked to the runtimes.

Modern look & feel

Predefined widgets and components provide an appealing and modern look & feel.

Multiple pages

Even subpages or multiple pages within one HMI project are no problem.

Unlimited clients

Simultaneous access by different clients is not limited. For cloud HMIs, access is limited by users.

Unlimited variables

All signals and variables used in the projects can be mapped in the HMIs.

Rethinking automation

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