Virtual controller for all platforms

logiccloud Control is a virtual controller with integrated web HMI that extends the functions of a classic PLC with technologies from the IT world and the Internet of Things. This means that the boundaries between OT and IT disappear. logiccloud Control is designed for use on edge controllers, gateways, routers as well as in data centres and cloud environments. In many application areas, logiccloud Control replaces the hardware-bound PLC and achieves cycle times of less than 5ms even on low-performance devices.

The advantages of logiccloud

50% lower costs

logiccloud reduces the number of hardware and software components and interfaces required

60% less maintenance

logiccloud increases service friendliness and thus reduces maintenance effort

Less programming effort

logiccloud contains extensive functions for generating PLC programs from upstream systems

Integrated digitisation functions

logiccloud has interfaces for seamless integration with other digitisation platforms.

The highlights of logiccloud

Runs on all platforms

logiccloud Control is a virtual industrial controller 5.0 that is characterised by a very small footprint. logiccloud Control runs as a container on all platforms and can be extended by further applications as required.

Programming completely in the browser in IEC 61 131-3

Create your control programmes in IEC61131-3 comfortably in the browser from any computer, without installing local software. You can design your 100% web-based HMIs simply by dragging and dropping.

Project and user management for working in teams

Role-based user and rights management allows you to control who can edit which projects. All changes to the source code are logged and stored centrally together with the projects.

Software updates are transferred with a few mouse clicks

Software changes can be rolled out to individual controllers or to any number of controllers in the shortest possible time and without downtimes.

Simulation and Debugging

Debug and test your control programs centrally in the logiccloud portal regardless of where the logiccloud control instances are located. No special hardware or software is required.

Extensive interfaces

Sensors and actuators are connected via interfaces such as OPC UA, IO-Link, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Modbus and many more.

Interfaces such as MQTT with Sparkplug B, OPC Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ and Kafka are available for communication with Industry 4.0 applications.

logiccloud – the smart platform for virtual controls

Programming in the cloud

Programming in IEC61131-3 is done in the browser with logiccloud Engineering, a modern and intuitive cloud application. All other tasks are also completed quickly and conveniently with just a few mouse clicks in the logiccloud Engineering Portal.

Expandable according to demand

logiccloud Control can be extended via apps and adapted to the respective use case. A variety of interfaces (NodeRed, influxdb, Grafana, etc.) are already available, and custom apps can be integrated into logiccloud via an API.

Low costs

With logiccloud Control, the number of hardware and software components is greatly reduced. This leads to savings in engineering, increases serviceability and reduces maintenance.

logiccloud applications

logiccloud provides a smart automation solution for almost all industries with the virtual controller logiccloud Control with integrated web HMI.

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