Next Generation of Industrial Control

Cloud-based industrial control for the
IIoT age

logiccloud replaces the traditional PLC in machines, plants or buildings with the virtual control logiccloud Control. The decoupling of hardware and intelligence results in significant cost savings, optimised operational processes and new business areas.

Developed for virtual environments, logiccloud Control has low resource requirements and thus causes very low operating and energy costs. This makes logiccloud Control optimally suited for use on all devices with containers, but also in Kubernetes architectures. The integrated HTML visualisation turns logiccloud Control into a complete automation solution.

Programming, designing the visualisation as well as updating and monitoring are carried out entirely in the browser via the modern logiccloud portal.

Companies can also convert existing plants to logiccloud Control without significant changes to the hardware and thus benefit from the advantages of logiccloud.

With logiccloud Control as a Service, logiccloud moves the PLC itself to the cloud. The hardware required on site is significantly less costly and maintenance-intensive than in conventional systems, which significantly reduces both the initial investment and the TCO.

The advantages of logiccloud

50% lower costs

logiccloud reduces the number of hardware and software components and interfaces required

60% less maintenance

logiccloud increases service friendliness and thus reduces maintenance effort

Less programming effort

logiccloud contains extensive functions for generating PLC programs from upstream systems

Integrated digitisation functions

logiccloud has interfaces for seamless integration with other digitisation platforms.

All-in-one automation platform

Fully web-based engineering with integrated HTML5 visualisation

Create your control programmes in IEC 61 131-3 comfortably in the browser from any computer, without installing local software. You can design your 100% web-based HMIs simply by dragging and dropping.


Role-based user and rights management allows you to control who can edit which projects. All changes to the source code are logged and stored centrally together with the projects.

Simple deployment

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create virtual controls that can then be run on any device or in the fully managed logiccloud environment as a control-as-a-service.

Monitoring and updates

Distribute updates manually or automatically to all virtual controllers and be informed about anomalies or irregularities via email and SMS.

Your personal logiccloud demo

We answer your questions and look together at how the logiccloud can map your use cases and how we can create the greatest added value for your company.