Next Generation of Industrial Control

The logiccloud Benefit

Reduce complexity, increase profitability

PLC programming independent of location, hardware and software

In the logiccloud Portal you can quickly and easily create, simulate and test platform independent PLC programmes and HMIs in the cloud – without specific programming software and without PLC hardware.

Securely transfer updates - without VPN connection

You can transfer new software versions and programme updates to the virtual PLC on your Edge devices at the click of a mouse – very simply and TLS-secured, a VPN connection is not required.

AI-supported and intuitive - PLC programming has never been so easy

Start your automation project today – even without special programming knowledge. In the logiccloud Portal, you can create customised PLC programmes for your current and future requirements with the help of intuitive tools and AI support.

Virtual control for machines and systems

Brings PLC functionalities to edge controllers, gateways or routers and enables simultaneous updates and programming in the cloud.

Platform for the digitalisation of the shop floor

The solution for seamless IT/OT integration.
Installation in a managed cloud, private cloud or on premise.

Fully Managed SPS-as-a-Service with Pay-per-Use

Fully managed, powerful and elastic SPS-as-a-Service – you only pay for the resources you use.

Trends & Topics

New interface to the InfluxDB time series database

In addition to real-time monitoring, many industrial IoT applications also require the evaluation and comparison of historical measured values. Current sensor data can be time-stamped via logiccloud and stored and retrieved in a time series database over defined periods of time.

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“With logiccloud, our customers bring PLC functionalities directly to our gateways – the turbo for every IoT project!”

Patrick Franke

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