Intelligent solutions for individual systems

Are you looking for smart control technology or practical solutions for remote maintenance? With logiccloud Control, you can bring your existing individual systems into the digital age – without additional hardware, without a complicated VPN connection, but securely, quickly and efficiently.

Virtual PLC with WebHMI in a container

logiccloud Control is a virtual PLC and runs as a container on ARM7-32bit, ARM8-64bit, X86-64 as a Docker, LXC or Podman container, e.g. on WAGO-Edge Controller, on  INSYS Routers, on the periMICA Controllers, the Hilscher devices, the Belden OpEdge-8D, on all  Raspberry Pi-based controllers and many more.

Programming in the IEC 61 131-3 language, the design of the visualisation and the parameterisation of the field level are carried out in the logiccloud portal. Interfaces such as OPC UA, Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT and many more are available here. With Node-Red, you also have almost unlimited additional options.

logiccloud Control already includes interfaces such as OPC UA PubSub, MQTT, Sparkplug B, which you can use to easily exchange data bidirectionally with higher-level systems, cloud environments, logiccloud Virtual Factory and logiccloud 365.

Operation via the smart phone

Get the visualisation and operation of your machine on your smart phone, tablet or any other HTML device with a browser. logiccloud Control puts an end to bulky and expensive operating terminals and expands the PLC functionalities with the possibilities of intelligent end devices.

This makes control simpler, more flexible, cheaper and smarter!

With logiccloud and your end device, you really have your system under control at all times and can call up important information about your machines or the visualisation on site at any time via a browser.

Remote services - simply secure

Remote services are designed to simplify the monitoring and maintenance of machines. So why should it be complicated to set them up? With logiccloud, you don’t need any additional hardware or a VPN connection to the system and the remote workstation. The machine data is transferred directly to the cloud via the virtual PLC and a TLS-secured connection, where it can be collected, documented and analysed. You can carry out any necessary updates or programming work directly from your end device using the logiccloud portal, regardless of location and time.


No, nothing is missing here. When digitising systems with logiccloud, all you need is an edge device and logiccloud Control. Everything else is done in the logiccloud portal and via an existing HTML end device. Conventional hardware controls and operator terminals, proprietary software and VPN connections are now a thing of the past.

Rethinking automation

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