logiccloud Portal

Modern cloud app for the development of PLC programmes and HTML5 Visualisations

Hardware and platform independant PLC programming

Configuration in the browser

Completely web based

No installation of proprietary software required.

IEC 61131-3

Programming in IEC 61131-3 Structured Text.

HTML5 visualisations via drag & drop

Design appealing HTML 5 visualisations using drag & drop

Large selection of graphic elements

The extensive graphics library enables very sophisticated and modern visualisations

Extensive user management

Extensive user management

Work with your colleagues on the projects simultaneously.

Granular rights management

Control access individually for each user.

Summary of rights in roles

Combine different rights into roles.

Project Management

Manage your projects conveniently and centrally online

Source code management

All changes in the project traceable, no matter by whom.

Standard libraries

Standard libraries with predefined blocks are available.

Extension through libraries

An SDK is available for specific function extensions so that you can develop your own libraries.

Automatic rollout of software changes

The rollout of software changes can be performed both manually and automatically. A variety of options are available for the automated rollout

JSON Import

Programs in JSON format can be exported and imported.

Simulation mode for testing

All programs can be tested in advance in simulation mode, thus reducing the time for commissioning to a minimum.


Saving variables and their changes over any period of time

One environment for all platforms

Whether cloud or edge runtimes, the development of control programs in logiccloud is always the same.


Marketplace for convenient extension of logiccloud with third-party functions.

Rethinking automation

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