Critical infrastructure and telecontrol systems

Flexible cloud solutions for rapid rollout

logiccloud enables the measurement, control, regulation and visualisation of decentralised systems without cost-intensive local PLC hardware. This provides you with a flexible and economical entry into digitalisation. logiccloud replaces the local PLC hardware with logiccloud Control. This virtual control uses already existing components such as routers and switches. The overall solutions, which are significantly more cost-effective than conventional solutions, can even be used at remote locations and in harsh environments. Programming, visualisation and monitoring – basic requirements for the grid-serving measurement, control and regulation of energy systems – are carried out centrally via the cloud, and updates can be installed without expensive additional hardware.

Approach so far

Telecontrol systems for flood protection or energy systems, for example, are connected to a control centre via certified communication hardware.

PLC controllers are used in the outstations for switching functions and for recording measured values.


  • PLC hardware very expensive for required functions.
  • Commissioning causes high costs
  • Software changes have to be carried out individually on each PLC
  • Very limited communication possibilities with IEC 61850 telecontrol protocol

Remote Control-as-a-Service

  • Control centres are being moved more and more to the cloud
  • Communication with MQTT and Sparkplug B instead of IEC 61850
  • logiccloud container on the telecontrol router replaces traditional PLCs
  • Programming and commissioning are done with logiccloud engineering
  • Automated and time-controlled software updates minimise maintenance effort
  • The early warning system of logiccloud Monitoring detects anomalies in good time and prevents failures.

Areas of application

Integration of decentralised generation plants into the energy grid

Realisation of Redispatch 2.0 and grid-serving processes

Cross-system remote access to wind power and PV plants, storage and other energy systems


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