logiccloud cooperates with piscada as

Norwegian software company Piscada AS and logiccloud AG announce cooperation.

Piscada’s open PropTech platform is a full-stack solution for buildings. The platform offers modern applications both on-premise and as cloud services. The Piscada Edge Controller implements local BMS (Building Management System) and secure cloud connectivity. The Piscada Cloud middleware consists of a microservice architecture with Big Dataatalake and open application APIs. In addition, Piscada Cloud services provide a range of applications for buildings.

Tim Jagenberg, CTO Piscada, Bernhard Böhrer, CEO logiccloud, Harald Hellmann, VP Sales & Business Development Central Europe Piscada

The strategic partnership with logiccloud AG aims to offer emerging cloud services based on IEC 61131-3 cloud-based engineering on the Piscada Marketplace under the banner “PLC as a Service”.

With Piscada, logiccloud gains access to the Norwegian market and other markets in Scandinavia. Specifically, the companies plan to roll out the first cloud services at the ISH trade fair in March 2023.

“With Piscada we have a partner who, just like us, brings an innovative and novel product to the market” says Bernhard Böhrer, CEO of logiccloud. “Together we create real added value for customers, reduce effort for engineering, commissioning and maintenance and thereby of course also costs to a considerable extent” adds Harald Hellmann, VP Sales & Business Development Central Europe at Piscada.

The Norwegian software company Piscada AS was founded in 2009 and is based in Trondheim. With its open PropTech software platform, Piscada is one of the leading providers of aquaculture solutions worldwide, as well as a leading provider of building automation in Norway. The cloud-based SaaS business model based on the Piscada platform is rapidly spreading in Norway; Piscada already boasts an installed base of more than 1000 buildings.

The start-up logiccloud was launched in 2021 by automation experts. logiccloud provides a cloud platform for engineering and operating hardware-independent PLC controllers. The PLC controls can be run in the cloud or on any devices and edge devices. This also allows new business models to be implemented at the same time.

Published on 17 Oktober  2022

Michael Böhrer

Product Manager

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