Smart climate management with W&T

A complete automation solution for climate management with just two W&T web components and logicloud 365.

With just two W&T web devices from Wiesemann & Theis GmbH and logiccloud 365, a complete automation solution for climate management can be realised with little effort.

W&T web thermometers transmit climate data to the cloud via MQTT, where logiccloud 365 automatically triggers switching commands for the air conditioning system in the event of deviations between setpoint and actual values. These are then executed locally by W&T Web-IOs. These are particularly user-friendly, easy-to-install components for implementing small and medium-sized remote IO and monitoring applications.

A simple, fast and particularly economical solution for the automated climate management of offices, warehouses or other commercial properties, which can be expanded and scaled with additional W&T web devices practically without limit.

You can find the detailed use case and the appropriate components from our partner Wiesemann & Theis

15. December 2023


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