logiccloud Control

Edge Runtime as a virtual PLC for all Docker-enabled devices.

For all Edge Devices

Docker Container

Convenient and easy installation

Hardware independent

Runs on all devices with Docker support such as Raspberry Pi, gateways or industrial PCs.

Plug and Play

Easy configuration

Automated configuration and connection with logiccloud Engineering

Automatic Updates

Updates can be automatically published to the device

Extension for PLC Cloud Runtime

local control tasks

Simple control tasks can be performed directly on site

Expansion through the cloud

Higher-level functions and orchestration of multiple edge PLCs through cloud PLCs

MQTT + Sparkplug B

MQTT with and without Sparkplug B are available for communication to the cloud and to the field level.


Convenient connection of equipment via OPC UA

Communication monitoring

Constant monitoring of communication to the cloud with notification in case of connection failure

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