logiccloud Control as a Service

Fully managed PLC as a Service from logiccloud

SPS as a Service

Control as a Service

Fully managed and hosted control as a service

Highly scalable

The PLC as a Service can be scaled flexibly, according to your requirements.

Easy to update and customize

Roll out updates and enhancements centrally

Updates and enhancements can be rolled out centrally to multiple control instances simultaneously.

Fast loading of PLC programs

PLC programs can be loaded quickly and switched over without interruption

Process connection

MQTT + Sparkplug B

Use MQTT with and without Sparkplug B for process connectivity.


Connect OPC UA conventionally or via Pub-Sub.

Dashboards for monitoring

Freely configurable dashboards for monitoring and accounting of runtime instances

Easy communication between PLC instances

The individual PLC instances can easily communicate with each other via pub-sub mechanisms.

API with Open Source SDK

An open source SDK for all common programming languages is available for integration into other applications.

Integration into existing IT systems

Easy integration into existing IT systems and digitization landscapes.

Different power classes

Different performance classes of the Cloud PLC instances are available. Upgrading and downgrading is possible without any problems.


Cloud PLCs can be easily operated as redundant controllers.

Public or Private Cloud

Operation is possible both in the public cloud and in the private cloud.

Shorter commissioning

Reduced commissioning effort with remote commissioning support

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